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New Books in Psychoanalysis: interviews with the Authors



Pod-casts from: The Freud Museum, London.



Pod-casts from: The Michigan Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology



American Psychoanalytic Association’s Online Audio Library



Otto Kernberg discusses research into treating Borderline Personality Disorder from and object relations perspective “How managed care is sending psychotherapy training down the tubes” and what good therapists are made of.



“Renegade psychoanalyst” Owen Renik discusses his journey into psychoanalysis and argues that patients should be allowed to leave rather than have their resistance interpreted and that psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy must be practical.



Psychoanalysis: Cathartic or Useless
A 5 min radio interview in which psychoanalyst Peter Hobson and Richard Wiseman, professor of the public understanding of psychology, discuss (or rather debate) the contributions of psychoanalysis.



Dr Jeffrey Masson, one of the most controversial figures in the world of psychoanalysis speaks of his split from psychoanalysis in favor of studying animal emotions (light).