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Review – Can the brain change?
by John Gosling

Review – Cultural Theory and Psychoanalytic Tradition.”
by Nathan Szajnberg

Review – On Freud’s ‘Death Instinct’
By Jed Rubenfeld

Review – The Fear of Insignificance: Searching for Meaning in the Twenty-first Century
by Carlo Strenger

Review – The Shell and the Kernel Renewals of Psychoanalysis, Volume 1

Review – “Enjoy Your Symptom: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out”
by Slavoj Zizek

Review – Approaching Psychoanalysis? An Introductory Course
by David L. Smith

Review – Beyond Postmodernism New Dimensions in Clinical Theory and Practice
by Roger Frie and Donna Orange

Review – David James Fisher, 2009 “Cultural Theory and Psychoanalytic Tradition.”
by Nathan Szajnberg

Review – For and Against Psychoanalysis
by Frosh, Stephen

Review – Freud’s Mexico: Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis
by Rubén Gallo

Review – Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique: A Lacanian Approach for Practitioners
by Fink, Bruce

Review – Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis

Review – Hysteria

Review – Practical Psychoanalysis for Therapists and Patients
by Owen Renik

Review – Psychoanalysis at the Margins
by Paul E. Stepansky

Review – Psychoanalysis in a New Light
by Gunnar Karlsson

Review – Psychoanalytic Studies of Organizations
edited by Burkard Sievers, Halina Brunning, Jinette De Gooijer, Laurence J. Gould, Rose Redding Mersky

Review – Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice
by Richard E. Summers and Jacques P. Barber.,_A_Guide_to.14.aspx

Review – Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. A Clinical Manual
by Cabaniss, D. – Cherry, S. – Douglas, C. – Schwartz, A.

Review – Relational Theory and the Practice of Psychotherapy
by Paul L. Wachtel

Review – Sabina Spielrein: Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis
by: Covington, Coline and Barbara Wharton

Review – Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Review – The Mystery of Personality A History of Psychodynamic Theories
by Eugene Taylor

Review – The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Volume 64
by Robert A. King, Samuel Abrams, A. Scott Dowling and Paul M. Brinich

Review – The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves
by James Urquhart

Review – The Shell and the Kernel Renewals of Psychoanalysis, Volume 1

Review – Trouble in Mind An Unorthodox Introduction to Psychiatry
by Dean F. MacKinnon

Review – Understanding Psychoanalysis
by Matthew Sharpe and Joanne Faulkner

Review – Why Psychoanalysis?
by Elisabeth Roudinesco