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Encounters Through Generations:
A glimpse into the workings of the minds of some of the most senior women analysts on the London scene.



Psychoanalysis in the United States: 150 Years After the Birth of Freud



A Guide to Psychodynamic Theory



Roundtable discussion featuring Sander Abend, Jacqueline Amati Mehler, Alain de Mijolla, Claudio Eisirik, Charles Hanly, and Edward Nersessian.



Psychoanalysis and Literature:
Cathy Caruth, Mark Edmundson, Paul Fry, Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly, and Meredith Anne Skura.



National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis:
National Psychological Association For Psychoanalysis: Ninth Annual Oscar Sternbach Award. This year’s recipients of the Oscar Sternbach Award are Dr. Mark Solms and Dr. Jaak Panksepp.



Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Ten Years Later:
Roundtable Discussion with Cristina Alberini, Heather Berlin, Vittorio Gallese, Robert Michels, Donald Pfaff, and Mark Solms.



Can Psychoanalysis Liberate the Soul?Dr Jane Goldberg creates a panel of peers addressing a topic dear to her heart – the liberation of the soul through analysis. Includes a roll-in of the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies at 16 10th Street which has several outreach programs open to the public to learn more after a subject often misunderstood from the outside.



Psychoanalysis Depends on Freedom of Thought and Insures Democracy
Listen to Jane G. Goldberg Ph.D.’s patients and fellow analysts speak about the power of group therapy.



Freud, Psychoanalysis, and the Philippson Bible
Roundtable discussion with Mary Bergstein, Abigail Gillman, Diane O’Donoghue, Bennett Simon, and Andrew Stein Raftery.



Further Musings with Dr Lucy Holmes / Psychoanalysis in Action
Paula Gloria edits in an interview with one of NYC’s Modern Psychoanalysts with one of Dr. Jane Goldberg’s therapy groups “in action” to discuss the practicalities of the theory.



Intellect or Instinct: A Contemporary View of the Death Drive
The Oscar Sternbach Memorial Award is presented to Otto F. Kernberg, MD, former president of the International Psychoanalytical Association. His lecture, The Death Drive: A Contemporary View of the Controversy, is a critical examination of Freuds theory of the death drive based on psychoanalytic explorations of aggressive motivation in cases of both severe and borderline character pathology.



Freud and Jung on Dreams
The artist Max Ernst noted that painting gave “objective form to what is visible inside him.” This panel explores the varied and complex symbolism of dreams from different traditions in Western psychology. The members of panel will introduce their particular traditions and then interpret some of the artworks in the exhibition.



Mind, Brain & Spirituality: Toward a Biology of the Soul
Roundtable discussion featuring Martin Bergmann, Siri Hustvedt, Jaak Panksepp, David Pincus, and Reverend Thandeka



The Role of Psychotherapy in the Age of Neuroreceptors and Genes
Roundtable discussion with Brian Koehler, Ze’ev Levin, Charles Marmar, and Ira Steinman.



Schizophrenia Treated Without Medication (Dr. Lucy Holmes Explains to Paula Gloria)
Lucy Holmes, PhD is a NAAP and SMP certified psychoanalyst. Dr. Holmes has been the Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Group Studies since 1997. She lectures widely on women and family issues and is the author of The Object Within: Pregnancy as a Developmental Milestone, The Internal Triangle: New Theories of Female Development, and Women in Groups and Womens Groups.



Pandora’s Box: From Ancient Sacrifice to Family Secrets
Roundtable discussion with Harold Blum, Joan Branham, Lois Braverman, Kathryn Harrison, and Victoria Pedrick.